Super Mario Deadly Dungeon!

Super Mario Deadly Dungeon! 1.0

Take Mario through a series of deadly traps and win great treasures!
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Mario City 2010 (c)

Super Mario Deadly Dungeon is a single player game, where users take control of the famous Mario from Nintendo. Travel through a dungeon with multiple valuable treasures; avoid lethal ingenious traps as well as different enemies. Only those with a keen eye for detail will be able to swift without harm!

The fun part about this game is the fact that Mario is trapped in a never ending dungeon. It has hidden traps and all sorts of hazards, so the objective is to get the highest score possible by collecting coins and distinct treasures.

Super Mario Deadly Dungeon is freeware, so don’t expect great graphics, but do expect hours of fun. Now since the ever-changing trail will never be exactly the same, see how far you can proceed and how many treasures you can collect before wearing out.

Unlike on other web sites, these games aren’t a copy and they were released as fun games created by nonprofit developers which are hosted by Mariocity. All games can be downloaded for free, all characters are copyright of NINTENDO, so have fun!

Max Santillana
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  • Entertaining
  • Endless levels
  • Hidden traps and all sorts of hazards
  • For all ages
  • Free


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